Aduraplate is 100% Aluminum

Aduraplate is 100% Aluminum

Aduraplate is 100% Aluminum


    Aduraplate is made from prefinished aluminium sheets featuring the highest quality KYNAR 500 PVDF coating systems.

    Aduraplate Solid Aluminum Panels are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, enabling you with the option of being fabricated into custom design panels of almost any shape and size. Aduraplate is also suitable for curving, rolling and perforating, ensuring safety and compliance for architects, designers and building owners.

    Aduraplate is available in 3mm and 2mm thicknesses, With state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, including precision engineering, advanced coatings, and innovative materials. This ensures that our products not only meet the highest standards of quality and performance but also remain at the forefront of design trends.

    Aduraplate coatings are strictly in accordance with the AA-MA2605. We offer a 15 year warranty for two layers coated PVDF coating. 20 year warranty for three layers coated PVDF coating.

    -Adurabond and Aduraplate will not fade or change during the warranty period in excess of 5AE units, when measured according to ASTM D-2244 on exposed paint surfaces which have been cleaned of external deposits and chalk.

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